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Adds an augment slot to the head, chest and legs of all tiers of armor in the base game, and these mods: Original mod made by eimbers Races and items: character limit reached links to all mods in change log Arsenalbound - Lastree Race Mod Arsenal Avali Triage Race Mod. Created by Fevix. Avali race mod for Starbound 1. No account needed! Avali Equipment Bench. Created by Ori. The Equipment Bench and Chit Bench are craftable using the player crafting menu for pixels. Update Oct 2, Small update. Gives you the ability to obtain Avali Modular Mech. Created by Wolf.

Note: I no longer actively develop this, mostly because of my long-gone interest in Starbound. I will however continue to provide bug fixes as needed. For complicated issues, please create a di Avali SpecOp Armor. Created by That Orange Bastard. Adds simple variants of the Avali helmets, a cosmetic wing backpack based off the Floran mission set, and combat armor sleeves to Starbound.

All items are recolorable with the ingame dyes. Wings worn in all pics and full combat armor as well. All gear sho Barrage heavy mecha. How to get new parts Better Food Expiry Times. Created by Towja. This mod gives descriptions of how long the food is going to take to rot, so you can know which one to eat first. Still in early stages, will update it later to increase the amount of information you can get about the food.

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Borderlands Random-Gen Weapons. Created by LimeIsFruit. Bounty Hunters Arsenal Update 0.

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Created by Mecha Mimic. This mod is extreamly work in progress. I won't have enough time to pump out an update every day or maybe even every week but i'll try to reach my goal. My Goal: Make many weapons, armors, vehicles, and even some blocks. At some point i'll make a ship wit Chiptune Synthesizer. English Google Translate : With this addon, you will feel a bit of nostalgia. Go back to the past, in the era of 8-bit games and enjoy this sounds. Colored Torches. Created by Sofi. Torches in more colors. Can be scanned and pixel printed Combat Knives Fists. Created by Dr. This is a set of Combat Knives: MK 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The combat knives, held in reverse-grip, use the fist weapon template, and have a combo step of one to achieve an uppercut attack. Unlike other Fist Category weapons, the Combat Knives can be aimed like Container UI Tweak. Created by Lunchghost. When interacting with containers, move the inventory and container windows so they don't obscure the area near the player.

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This is a purely client-side mod and should be compatible with all other mods. Craftable Salvage Parts. Created by LCD. This mod lets you craft salvage parts for your mech so you don't have spend a bunch of time looking for a ton of salvaged parts just to make a mech part.

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You need an atomic furnace to craft these. I tried to make it as accurate as possi CrazyFreak's Musical Collection. Created by CrazyFreak. Check it out by clicking 'Song List' below! Customizable Shuttlecraft.

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Created by Boze Hendrik. Build and modify your own custom shuttlecraft. Choose a frame type, customize your paintjob and decals and install special modules. Then weaponize your shuttlecraft with your guns, rocket launchers or other weapons. All shuttlecraft can be operated by a pi Dark Riot Shield. This mod features a heavy riot shield: based on the one that's currently unused in the game files. Item ID: darkriotshield This large, aimable shield boasts very hi Darkest Dungeon Armor.

Created by Der Kommissar. DayZ Hero Modpack.

Created by Oddbolt. I decided to combine two of my favorite games by recreating a variety of items from DayZ in Starbound. Dramatic Terrain. Created by Limlis. Tired of those blocky blocks? Are those mountains looking a little square? Do you find it oddly convenient that someone has hand-carved stairs specifically for you in a completely unpopulated world's underground caverns?

Be troubled no longer with Dram Elithian Races Mod. Characters and other save data, including ships and worlds, may be lost if the mod is uninstalled, so always keep a back-up!

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Enchanted Energy Pickaxe. Created by LuviKunG. Compatibility with Startbound 1.

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With this mod, useless pickaxe will become usable tools! Enhanced Storage.

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Created by Neo. Enhanced Storage is a quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound. On the one hand it adds a lot of new features to the usablity of containers, and on the other it adds many new content concerning storage and containers. Elithian Ship Backgrounds. This mod adds backgrounds to all ships in the Elithian Races mod, allowing for easier construction inside the ships.