The sender address was rejected by the server mac mail

This is my second try at Yosemite. Email still does not work although in three months a number of other bus and glitches seam to have improved. By following this page I simply added many new messages in my Outbox, none of which I can remove. The only way to quit Mail is to Force Quit…this cannot be the right way to treat a machine! Hey Apple! I have been trying to sort this out for ages.

Yahoo mail appeared online, all setting correct but would not get new mail. After backing up everything I could lay my cursor on, I did a clean install. The only option to reinstall was Yosemite which I proceeded with. The problem still exists, exactly as it was in Mavericks. The clean install made my external hard drive disappear off my list of devices.

Now my problems are manifold. There has been no improvement in the O. Outbox disfunction.

Sender Address Rejected By Server

Over time, all connections to Gmail, comcast and Yahoo have gone off line. Microsoft Outlook continues to work fine. So, I tried option 1 and it fixed Gmail and Comcast issues. Option 2 fixed the Yahoo issue and I was able to send a message through Yahoo and it worked. I have just configured gmail to poll my Yahoo account and I will just stop using Yahoo as my primary. I have a few different ones i use though the app. I removed the account. Deleted all of those. Not sure why it seems to randomly stop working, but this worked for me.

Alternatively, the app MailTab Pro for Gmail is worth the couple bucks to not have to deal with this. Works every time.

How to fix: Unable to send an e-mail through Mac® OS X™

As a client of mine ran into the same SMTP issues when he migrated to my mail server, I was asked to get his mail going on Yosemite. It seems one has to wait about half an hour, maybe 45 minutes, to see the changes taking effect. After doing many changes quickly without any results, I set the thing up as I thought it should work, and got into a conference.

When I returned about 45 minutes later, everything worked perfectly well. I have been on the phone with their tech support for over 8 hours and now have been on hold for 15 minutes.

Apple can stick this new computer up their collective masses. I do not have a problem with receiving my emails. My mail appears to be sending, however, when I checked my sent mail it also shows I have 61 emails in my outbox. A few days ago when I open the Outbox and scroll to the bottom, there was a message saying: no connection and offering retry which did not work when I tried it and has since disappeared — no longer a vaiable opportunity.

I would appreciate it if anybody could offer suggestions that might help. Gee that sure has a lot to do with email in OS X! Tell us more about, JUDY? Yeah so fix 1 adding your password some how deleted thousands of emails in my inbox? That I needed!

I receive a , , or relay-prohibited error when sending email messages - Outlook

Very disappointed in Yosemite : I had hoped by waiting a few months the bigger bugs would be fixed but apparently not. Option 2 worked — thanks. Shame I had to go through all that to solve the problem. Really disappointed with Yosemite and mac.

How to Enable SMTP Auth using Mac Mail ( Version 4.x)

Dear Sir, I have goofed up badly. I have deleted false and true thing and now I am not being able to either send mails like before nor I can delete the existing mails incoming from gmail.. Offline messages on and off in all accounts. Your 2 work around fixed the issue…. Man, I was tired of that. Many thanks! Pulling stunts like this reminds me of the reason why.

I now have to access my mail through my phone. Shame the only way to get it to work again will be to downgrade my computer. Apple- get your act together. There is serious competition out there. Olie, Please guide me how did you do it…I am really stuck here with the lost file.

Have tried both solutions but neither of them work. What should I do now??? Neither one of them worked for me sadly but thanks for trying. I now need another solution. Regards David. Neither method worked. My son i.

2 Possible Fixes for Mail SMTP Sending Errors in OS X Yosemite

Any word on a bug fix for this? The first step of re-entering password in SMTP advanced settings helped to resolve my problem. Thank you. I have tried everything many times and still one mail box is crazy and the other cannot send mail at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The problem I am having with Mac Mail 8 is that the outgoing server port keeps defaulting to an unusable port number.

After countless hours on the phone with both Apple who blamed xfinity and Xfinity who blamed Apple I saved the correct port number they assigned me, and now have to go into my mail prefs every few hours and re-set the port number for the outgoing server.

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This is nuts. IS anyone else experiencing this? No one at Xfinity can change the settings, and Apple says it is something that needs to be changed on the server side. Receiving is fine just sending is not working.

And to add to the pain i am a windows user just over to mac so I am having a heck of a time trying to find stuff i wish Apple would just get it sorted without all of us trying to re write their software. I was having problems sending outgoing emails through os x mail from my yahoo account, though I could receive mail just fine. This could turn me, a fan of 10 years, completely off Apple.

It is SO annoying having the email not working since loading Yosemite. Now I have to take half a day off work to go to the apple genius bar to get it fixed. Hi deborah Did the genius store manage to fix it? Any idea what they did if so?

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Thanks RB. My Mail has crashed and had lost all settings as described above. I fixed it using a partial of Option 2 above which I think is quicker. First quit Mail. Restore from TimeMachine worked! Apparently the Accounts. Sadly neither option works for me. They seem to be slipping lately in this regard. Lovely, same problem today! Had to go back in and do option 2 again to be able to send mail!!! What a mess! Absolutely sickening! Many thanks for Option 2, as Option 1 did not work. This super annoying mail bug, has soured me on Yosemite.

I did read reviews of Yosemite before downloading and there was not 1 word about how Yosemite screws up your mail, n it takes days to figure out what the heck to do about it. Why release a buggy up graded OS?? If you have two-factor authentication enabled on your Google account, you will need to create an app-specific password specifically for the SMTP account from your Google account page.

The re-enter Login and Password Solution 1 solved the issue for me. As others I had looked around a lot.