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Becca is well known for its liquid Shimmering Skin Perfectors—their legendary, sophisticated glow sets a beautiful standard for the perfect highlighter.


Recently, Becca released a pressed powder version for those who prefer their glow from a pan. It shows as a soft glowing color, then gasp! Here are some comparisons. MAC Diamonds part of the Riri collection is a cream finish, with a high shine but very little color. She is wearing this with Guerlain Crazy Terracotta bronzer underneath. The reflective quality is a little hard to capture on camera but we did our best. Ingredient list click to enlarge:. This post contains affiliate links for more information, see About Cafe Makeup.

The powder version is a soft glowing highlighter.

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As you might expect, Burberry Nude Glow works beautifully with the cool toned shimmery Golden Radiance. We found that, applied with one of our favorite large, soft brushes , the powder gave a slightly cool toned glow. You will want to use a brush with plenty of soft flex. I thought that the brush that was included with the product—although quite respectable quality for a give-away—applied the product a little too heavily to the point of frosting up a touch.

Subtle highlighters are a bit difficult to capture in a photograph.

CherrySue, Doin' the Do: MAC - Extra Dimension - Skinfinish/Highlighter in Superb

As you can see, the tonality of both is quite similar. Unsurprisingly, the liquid has a more pronounced glow and can be mixed directly with a foundation. The powder is more subtle, but might be preferred by those who prefer that medium. There is a nice glow with Burberry Nude Radiance.

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Even close up, applied with a soft brush, we detected only very subtle sparkle in direct sun. If you prefer this look without sparkle, go for the liquid Burberry Fresh Glow instead. We received three little treats from b-glowing on OpenSky.

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  • MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish – Superb.

This is truly one of the finest lip balms on the market, and it softened both my lips and cuticles to youthful, healthy softness in one overnight session. Like many luxury products, By Terry Baume de Rose works beautifully. It applies nearly clear with a pleasant, faint, soft rose scent.

This is a pretty, bright pearly blue aqua color. These eye colors go on with the gorgeous, gliding luminosity. This is a gorgeous, perfect highlighter that gives enough glow to make a difference but includes no sparkle. Housed in a chic, slim package with a brush, this is a powder is ready to travel. I love this highlighter. These people know how to glow! Although the bronzer shades look lovely, I was more drawn to the highlighter for the finely-milled, natural qualities and the look that give it gives to the skin.

I think baked highlighters are beautiful, and I love their luminzing effect. Sounds like makeup roulette?

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I appreciate that Laura Mercier created stability through a well-designed, beautiful, consistent baked highlighter. Every time. On Liz, you can see how the flash hits the highlight on her cheek. It showed up beautifully as she wore it throughout dinner afterwards. The way that the light plays with this highlighter is gorgeous. Here are comparisons with the finely milled, more subtle Poudre Signee de Chanel , MAC Lightscapade limited edition, not currently available , and Bobbi Brown Nude Shimmerbrick not currently available click to enlarge to see texture: The texture is a very soft powder with pigment that seems to absolutely leap onto your applicator.

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  5. The shimmer is a strong pearl tone that has an unbelievable dimension and shine. At first I assumed that this multidimensional wave of shimmer was an overspray. Rather, it deposits a layer of soft peach color. Why did I think this was a highlighter? First, Modern Mercury is much more opaque than the very sheer fairy-dust Estee Lauder Pure Color Night that was a very limited release last year.

    MAC Superb Extra Dimension Highlighter Swatches, Review, and FOTD – In Extra Dimension

    Because comparisons for highlighters are hard to capture, I did several different swatches under different lighting conditions. Here, in sun:. It takes almost no effort to build up the peach color that you see in these swatches. Indeed, that color is what you get with the lightest touch of this very soft, high shimmer pigment. On the left, Liz is wearing Burberry Tangerine alone on her cheeks and no eyeshadow complete breakdown is here. You can see how much more color is on her cheeks and her upper lids:. It gives a very beautiful glow. In addition, Modern Mercury does a lovely job of building up without being frosty.

    As with anything this pearly, too many layers will give a metallic effect so proceed with a single layer at a time. The texture is a bit miraculous.

    The pigment virtually leaps onto your brush or finger effortlessly. As I mentioned above, the experience is a bit like the texture of the Chanel Ombres Perlees. As with any highlighter, those with larger pores will wish to proceed with some caution. Superb honestly doesn't look anything like the product in the pan once applied to the skin though. It just adds brightness and light without the rose gold colour. I'd say Nottingham get a lot more stock than little ol' us, Orla, I'm sure you'll be in luck! Hang on now. Palpitations Ahoy.

    Victoria Beckham X Estée Lauder Strikes Again! It’s Coming Back This Month!

    This is SO pretty. I'm a highlighter newbie, I've only recently bought a lovely Revlon one that I'm playing with at the minute, but once I can figure out how not to make myself look sweaty, I'll be all over this: This is why I love Cherry Sue's Love Link - I would never have seen this post otherwise, however I know already considering I'm a full year late jumping on the bandwagon I'm going to find it hard to get this won't I? God loves a trier this is now top of my 'beauty must haves list'. Thanks Sue xxx. Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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