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Mob Rule Classic for Mac

Add-Ons work in a single-player game or with friends on multiplayer or on a Realm. Just download the Add-Ons from minecraft. You can download Add-Ons from the internet or create your own. To install new Add-Ons, follow the instructions at minecraft. To create your own Add-Ons, Minecraft's unmodified files are a good place to start. All mobs are made up of components that define their appearance and behavior.

For instance, a chicken has behaviors that make it attracted to seeds, and a model that makes it look like a chicken. With Add-Ons, you can take any existing component of a mob and remix them across other mobs. For example, you could add a ridable component to the chicken to ride it. If you connect to a Realm from any Bedrock Edition device, you will automatically get any Add-Ons applied to that Realm.

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We recommend editing Add-Ons on PCs. However, depending on the operating system your device supports, you may be able to edit on mobile. We recommend experimenting with Add-Ons on new worlds before using them on existing worlds. You may be so good at creating monsters that those splendid new mobs end up eating your worlds before you can stop them.

Add-ons FAQ

Builders beware. McWorld files are worlds that contain Add-Ons. McPack are Add-Ons that you can apply to your worlds.

If you apply an Add-On to a world, and then go back and edit the original Add-On, your changes will not appear in the original world.