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Apple TV (3rd Generation) Jailbreak By Following These Easy Steps

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Why Snow3rd for Mac is important?

Evasion7 1. Evasion7 is a free jailbreak tool which can be use with your Ios 7 running devices. However, certain cables are only meant for charging purposes or specific devices, and thus trying a different cable is advised.

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Mar 29, AM in response to vazandrew In response to vazandrew. Mar 29, AM. May 23, PM in response to tedbenic In response to tedbenic. I was trying this with a micro-usb cable that charges an external battery, and it did not work. I switched to a Kindle cable, but that also did not work.

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  • I rooted around and found some other micro-usb cable, which did work. May 23, PM.

    How to Jailbreak Apple TV 3

    As above, cables meant for charging wont work this requires data transfer and those bundled with other devices may only be designed to work with that device. May 27, AM in response to vazandrew In response to vazandrew. I've tried almost 12 different cables. Am based out of India. Also took it to an authorized Apple repair shop here. Even their cable didn't work.

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    Probably needs some magical uber expensive Apple's own cable May 27, AM. There is no such cable. Take it to an Apple Store and if it's deemed to be hardware related they are usually good about replacement.

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    • Jun 7, PM in response to vazandrew In response to vazandrew. I tried 3 micro-usb cables and none of them worked. I have two Apple TVs and both broke at the same time can see Apple logo only. I have tried all the instructions on Apple's support and nothing works. The only thing I can think of is that all my usb cables are designed for charging only. Unless you hear from me again, then I think the problem most people are having is that they are using charging usb cables.

      Jun 7, PM.

      Snow3rd Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Free Download

      Jun 7, PM in response to beyondthenet3 In response to beyondthenet3. They are either for charging only, or were bundled with a device in which case it's likely only designed to work with that. Glad you got it sorted out. Andrew, if you work for Apple, I suggest that you go to the countless threads on this topic and post the 'need non-charging usb' answer before countless people become forever frustrated with Apple.