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While installing Galacticraft is normally pretty simple, this guide is written to provide a step-by-step instruction on how to install the mod and troubleshooting for people who may be having any issues with the installation process and the 1st run of the mod. Something important to understand, for people completely new to mods for Minecraft, is you have to match up the versions of Minecraft, Forge, and the mod.

All Mods - and Forge - are organised according to which Minecraft versions they match, and things will not work if you try to mix mod versions intended for different Minecraft versions. Mods are made for specific Minecraft versions which the community has chosen. Popular choices are: Minecraft 1. And some mods are not yet updated to the latest Minecraft versions, as each update gives a lot of work for mod authors. There are not huge differences between these different Minecraft versions OK, some have rabbits and guardians, and some don't And all the different Minecraft versions are free to download, for anyone who already bought the game on a PC or a Mac.

You can have more than one Minecraft version on your computer: the Minecraft launcher lets you choose between several different Minecraft versions. So actually you should choose your mods first, and then look to see which Minecraft version the mods require, and make sure you have that one set up!

WEB DISPLAYS MOD 1.12.2 minecraft - how to download and install Web Displays 1.12.2 (with forge)

The Galacticraft versions offered for Minecraft 1. Galacticraft 4 plays the same in all four of these Minecraft versions, so you will have the exact same Galacticraft features whichever one of these you pick. We made it this way so you can have a choice when matching Galacticraft with recent versions of other mods you like. Galacticraft 4 requires Java 8.

That was the current Galacticraft version in and In its latest builds, Galacticraft 3 is extremely stable, and compatible with pretty near all other mods for 1. The Galacticraft version which is offered for Minecraft 1. That's older, but still seen in modpacks like Attack of the B Team , and it still plays perfectly fine but it doesn't have the newer features of the mod.

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That was also seen in modpacks like Tekkit Lite and Voltz. These are the minimum version requirements for Galacticraft - any later version of Forge within the same Minecraft version should also work. On servers, for Sponge version requirements see here. Yes: So you are already able to play other mods in whichever version of Minecraft you picked? Great, in that case installing Galacticraft is very easy.

On our official Downloads page , find the Galacticraft version you want to play. This is now organised according to different Minecraft versions. Whichever Minecraft version you pick, we recommend using the Latest build of Galacticraft, given to you at the top of the list. If for some reason that isn't what you want, then you can also try the Promoted version, or older versions are available if you look further down the list. You must download three files for Galacticraft: do not use the Developer builds, those are only for programmers! Before moving on, please check carefully that the downloads of all three files completed.

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If your internet connection is slow, or you are downloading other stuff at the same time, then a Galacticraft download might fail to complete after some minutes, so check that hasn't happened to you! Move the three Galacticraft files you just downloaded into your.

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Don't know how to find the. See here. Start Minecraft using the standard vanilla Minecraft launcher from Mojang, using the Forge profile, and hit Play. If this is literally the first time you have started playing with mods then you will need to set the Minecraft launcher to launch the correct version of "Forge". Choose the Forge profile bottom left. Make sure it's Forge for the correct Minecraft version which you want to play bottom right :.

If the launcher profile is not currently set to play with Forge for the Minecraft version you want, click Edit Profile , look in the center of the screen Version Selection , there is a selection box called Use version: - change it to the Forge version you want. Normally the Forge versions are found near the end of the versions list. Once you have the mod installed and now would be a good time to install any other mods you want and your Minecraft loads up OK, you may start your adventure to space! One more thing: your computer needs to be connected to the internet , the first time you run Galacticraft.

That's because it needs to be able to automatically download one more file, commons-codec Read on with the Galacticraft Getting Started Guide to get you started with all the basics. If you are combining this with other mods, or building your own modpack, it would be a good idea to read our notes on Compatibility. We also have wiki pages on Game Balance and Configs and other setup details.

Galacticraft can be played alongside any other mods for the same Minecraft version, and should integrate neatly with them. Galacticraft normally does not care which exact other versions of those mods you have, it should work with most things: any known special requirements are listed on the Compatibility page. So just assemble all the different mods you want to play into your. Note: we cannot promise that all the other mods you want are compatible with each other.

Some other mods CoFH! For this reason, some skill goes into assembling a stable modpack! Caution: if swapping around mods like that, make sure first to back up your saved world or use a new test world! You will lose blocks and items if you remove mods and then start a game in an existing saved world. From Minecraft versions 1. It helps to have an industrial or tech mod with Galacticraft, to help you process ores faster and gather all the resources you need to build rockets and get into space.

Web Displays Mod 1.12.2/1.10.2 (Internet, Cinema, Youtube)

Mekanism is the closest in spirit to Galacticraft. Galacticraft also has full compatibility with the long-established industrial mod Buildcraft.

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You can even use their wrenches on our machines and our Standard Wrench on their machines! Or you could take a different approach and use magic to help you gather resources, for example Thaumcraft. We also like the mods which expand the beauty and diversity of the Overworld, mods like Natura and Biomes O'Plenty. Now you can add tool mods, storage mods, combat mods, really the choice is endless If you have lots of mods, you will probably need to increase the memory you give to Minecraft that's the 'JVM Arguments' in the Minecraft launcher 'Edit Profile' page.

Web Displays Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

You can try leaving that on its default, but if you have several mods, that may not be enough. The most important memory setting is -Xmx. The best memory setting for you to use depends a lot on whether you are running bit or bit Java. As a good rule of thumb, your -Xmx setting needs to be:. If the memory requirements of all your mods are a problem, you can cut the memory requirements in half using an excellent mod named FoamFix.

Galacticraft is tested with FoamFix including FoamFix 'Anarchy' versions and we are not aware of any issues with it all: we can recommend it. JVM settings will also affect Minecraft performance mainly lag spikes due to the Java 'garbage collector' running. You can find guides to these settings in many places on the internet, some good, some not so good! The best settings also depend quite a bit on your PC, how much RAM you have, which operating system, which Java version Java 7 or Java 8 , and whether you have bit or bit Java, so settings which somebody else is recommending are not necessarily the best for your setup!

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  • Add the three Galacticraft. You may have to set the launcher to stop checking updates for the modpack.

    If you don't, a modpack update might undo your addition of Galacticraft to the pack - a lot depends on which launcher you are using. Galacticraft 3 is for Minecraft 1. Really old laptop PCs have Intel internal graphics which cannot support Minecraft 1. The Galacticraft 3 download files marked for "1. Some players like to have mods from multiple Minecraft versions available on their computer - maybe a set of mods for testing in 1. Launching Minecraft will most likely crash if you mix mods for different Minecraft versions in the.

    Put all the mods for different Minecraft versions in the correct subfolders, and you should be golden. If you have 1. Remember, Galacticraft 3 works equally well in 1. If you're tinkering about with different Minecraft versions like this, please be careful when loading your saved game worlds - if you made a world in 1.

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    Lower on the Downloads page are some versions of Galacticraft 2, which was for Minecraft 1. That's older, but some great modpacks for example Attack of the B Team are still using it. If playing those older packs, we recommend that you use the Latest version of Galacticraft 2. These are very early versions of Galacticraft.