Mac mini boot menu wireless keyboard

There are a couple of workarounds if you find yourself in this situation. Apple's Bluetooth hardware controllers activate after all of the system's self-tests at boot complete and the EFI firmware loads successfully, which is indicated by the system playing the standard Mac startup sound.

It is at this point that the system will accept boot variables, either stored in the PRAM or those being sent via keyboard inputs.

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These are then passed to the OS X kernel to invoke the desired startup sequence. If any inputs are being sent via the Bluetooth keyboard before the controllers are active, then they will not be recognized by the system. However, if these inputs are performed after the controllers are activated, then they will be properly read. Therefore, for Bluetooth keyboards, be sure to press the desired key sequences after you hear the boot chimes and not before.

While this approach for wireless keyboards should work, it may not in all situations.


Should that happen, you can try various alternative approaches, such as using a spare USB keyboard to connect and send the desired boot argument to your system. Alternately, you can manually adjust the system's PRAM variables to invoke these boot arguments the next time the system starts up.

Setting the boot arguments PRAM variable requires administrative access, and is done from the Terminal using the following command:. In this command, the VALUE component is one or more of the following flags separated by spaces, that will tell the kernel to load in the corresponding way:. For example, if you would like to load the system in Single User mode and boot from the first partition on the second hard drive in the system, then you would issue the following version of the command:.

Viewed k times. I boot my mac mini, hold down alt on my non-mac keyboard, but it does not go to boot options. How do I get to boot options with a non-mac keyboard then? Are you holding right or left "alt" key? It should work with left key. Left key. Nothing happens except it boots like normal in OS X.

Hm, it should work though. Alternatively, you could use the rEFIt Boot menu refit. I'm glad you made it! After about an hour of frustration I found this. I had to plug the keyboard on the usb near the headphone jack on my iMac , and unplug external drives. Ray Ray 21 3 3 bronze badges. I had to plug in a wired USB keyboard. Nicest Keyboard. Works great with my Mac! Works like it was made for my Mac laptop. Works great on my Mac mini.

Five Stars.

How to Enable Bluetooth Without a Keyboard or Mouse on Mac

See what other customers said Customer Review. See full review. An awesome keyboard for your Mac. Works well With my Mac. Does this keyboard really only work with macs? See full answer. Can this be used on older mac Mini. Love this for my Mac!

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Replaced MAC keyboards. Is the layout close enough to the mac keyboard that mac skins will fit?

How to Enable Bluetooth on Mac Without a Mouse in Mac OS X

Does this keyboard support the mac "command" functions? Great replacement for standard mac keyboards. Does what it should. Nice keyboard, works well. Mac osx requirement and minimum bluetooth 3. Good, but only maintains charge in a well lit room; no alternative charging method; replacement keys are exorbitantly expensive. This is far and away the best keyboard I've ever owned for a Mac and I've Can I use the Mac version on Windows? What mouse works with the dongle for the K for Mac? Great mac replacement keyboard. Update: Solution to connection loss.

How do I get into boot options with a non-mac keyboard? - Ask Different

Will this work with hp? Does it work with 12,.

Has it fixed the issues with Mac? Can I use this bluetooth keyboard and my bluetooth speakers on my Mac Mini at the same time? Will this work with mac book pro 15?

Cold boot wireless keyboard holding "ALT" down?

How is the typing experience on this thing? Is it comparable to mac keyboard? Great replacement for mac keyboard! Works well , better than expected. Exactly what I would expect from Logitech. I recommend it. Great keyboard.

Apple Wireless Mouse and Keyboard not Connecting? Easy Fix Tutorial!

Great solar keyboard with numeric keypad, no wires, comfortable to type on. Recommended for Mac but