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Windows has long been the standard in the broadcast industry, mainly due to hardware and software compatibility. However, this trend has changed in recent years.

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Mac computers are becoming more and more popular among a variety of users. In particular, broadcasters in particular are quickly adopting to the Mac OS. For earlier reviews of Windows-compatible video broadcast software, check out our previous blog post. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives for video broadcast software on a Mac. First up is the popular OBS Studio. OBS Studio is free. There is absolutely no cost associated with using this application.

How to stream with an El Gato & OBS on a Mac 2018

Moreover, OBS Studio is an open-source, which means that anyone can manipulate the code. Note that OBS Studio does have one major drawback: To learn how to stream using OBS Studio with a Mac, click here , or check out the video tutorial below: Wirecast provides a wide range of services and software for audiovisual uses.

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Unlike OBS Studio, Wirecast is a high-end live streaming software package with some great functionality. Wirecast offers two versions: Studio and Pro. Additional Wirecast upgrades are available, including:. This makes the transition much easier.

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Wirecast is available for both Mac and Windows at the same price. Telestream provides a list of supported cameras, webcams, capture cards, and other hardware here. For a detailed tutorial on Wirecast 7, click here. Wirecast 11 is current available in Beta testing only. There are alternatives to video broadcast software—namely, hardware encoders. Hardware encoders pack the basic functionality of live streaming software into a single dedicated piece of equipment.

How To Choose The Best Live Streaming Software for Mac

They can be small and simple for mobile streaming, or larger and rack-mounted for studio use. For many years, NewTek has been one of the top broadcast equipment companies on the market. Its flagship encoding hardware is TriCaster. TriCaster hardware is available in five product lines, varying from small boxes to large setups for full production studios.

Features TriCasters are high-end units with abundant, wide ranging features.

You can learn more about TriCaster products on the NewTek website. You can also access Tricaster documentation here.


Users can directly send data to Final cut pro for execution of post processing functions and one can also save content directly as video file using all popular file formats. Flash Media Live Recorder supports audio as well as video streaming with impressive content quality that suits for business applications. Users must go through the two major benefits of using Adobe live encoder: This tool works with On2 VP6 encoding and users need not to follow any third party solution to boost quality of streams.

It is a custom coded platform with fully featured encoding and acquisition solutions. Product-related questions? Wondershare Filmora9. Free Download Free Download. Streaming software 1. For game 2. For live video 3. For free 4. For mac 5. This is a new software project being developed by the same community.

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  4. It is essentially a complete overhaul of the original OBS. It has a more robust feature set and a much more powerful API. This will further help enable developers to create their own unique plugins.

    Recommended Software for Broadcasting

    Pretty much everyone has heard of this one because it was one of the first players in the streaming game. The ease of use as well as the native support instead of having to fish for plugins with OBS are heralded as some of its best features. The premium version allows you to create up to 12 scenes.

    It features a drag and drop multimedia sources akin to OBS. You can smoothly switch between all these scenes while broadcasting live. A license includes both the Broadcaster and Gamecaster products from Xsplit. Keeno3, an XSplit representative summarizes the two:. XSplit Broadcaster is aimed at the professional or advanced multimedia broadcaster. Live stream and record in ultra-high quality using endless features and flexible plugins.

    Xsplit Gamecaster is the super simple and easy to use game streaming application for gamers of all ages and communities. You will be streaming in crisp high quality, smooth and lag-free in less than 5 minutes. The nice thing about the game caster is that it simplifies getting a channel set up.

    It is the easiest way for new streamers to get up and running fast. There are a few other lesser known options if your looking for something special or just want to be a streaming hipster.

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    The last on our list is by far the priciest option. It is an all-in-one live streaming platform that in essence, mimics television studio production software. Wirecast can handle streaming just about any event from live concerts to giant tournaments that demand seamless transitions and sharp looking graphics.