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Host-based firewalls are positioned on the network node itself and control network traffic in and out of those machines. The host-based firewall may be a daemon or service as a part of the operating system or an agent application such as endpoint security or protection; each has disadvantages. However, each has a role in layered security.

Firewalls vary in type depending on where communication originates, where it is intercepted, the state of communication being traced. The term "packet filter" originated in the context of BSD operating systems. Network layer firewalls fall into two sub-categories and stateless. Operating system An operating system is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.

Time-sharing operating systems schedule tasks for efficient use of the system and may include accounting software for cost allocation of processor time, mass storage and other resources. For hardware functions such as input and output and memory allocation, the operating system acts as an intermediary between programs and the computer hardware, although the application code is executed directly by the hardware and makes system calls to an OS function or is interrupted by it.

Operating systems are found on many devices that contain a computer — from cellular phones and video game consoles to web servers and supercomputers; the dominant desktop operating system is Microsoft Windows with a market share of around MacOS by Apple Inc. Linux distributions are dominant in supercomputing sectors.

Other specialized classes of operating systems, such as embedded and real-time systems, exist for many applications. A single-tasking system can only run one program at a time, while a multi-tasking operating system allows more than one program to be running in concurrency; this is achieved by time-sharing, where the available processor time is divided between multiple processes.

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These processes are each interrupted in time slices by a task-scheduling subsystem of the operating system. Multi-tasking may be characterized in co-operative types. In preemptive multitasking , the operating system slices the CPU time and dedicates a slot to each of the programs. Unix-like operating systems, such as Solaris and Linux—as well as non-Unix-like, such as AmigaOS—support preemptive multitasking.

Cooperative multitasking is achieved by relying on each process to provide time to the other processes in a defined manner. Single-user operating systems have no facilities to distinguish users, but may allow multiple programs to run in tandem. A multi-user operating system extends the basic concept of multi-tasking with facilities that identify processes and resources, such as disk space, belonging to multiple users, the system permits multiple users to interact with the system at the same time.

Time-sharing operating systems schedule tasks for efficient use of the system and may include accounting software for cost allocation of processor time, mass storage and other resources to multiple users. A distributed operating system manages a group of distinct computers and makes them appear to be a single computer; the development of networked computers that could be linked and communicate with each other gave rise to distributed computing. Distributed computations are carried out on more than one machine; when computers in a group work in cooperation, they form a distributed system.

In an OS, distributed and cloud computing context, templating refers to creating a single virtual machine image as a guest operating system saving it as a tool for multiple running virtual machines. The technique is used both in virtualization and cloud computing management, is common in large server warehouses.

Embedded operating systems are designed to be used in embedded computer systems, they are designed to operate on small machines like PDAs with less autonomy. They are able to operate with a limited number of resources, they are compact and efficient by design. Windows CE and Minix 3 are some examples of embedded operating systems. A real-time operating system is an operating system that guarantees to process events or data by a specific moment in time.

A real-time operating system may be single- or multi-tasking, but when multitasking, it uses specialized scheduling algorithms so that a deterministic nature of behavior is achieved. An event-driven system switches between tasks based on their priorities or external events while time-sharing operating systems switch tasks based on clock interrupts.

A library operating system is one in which the services that a typical operating system provides, such as networking, are provided in the form of libraries and composed with the application and configuration code to construct a unikernel : a specialized, single address space, machine image that can be deployed to cloud or embedded environments. Early computers were built to perform a series of single tasks, like a calculator.

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Basic operating system features were developed in the s, such as resident monitor functions that could automatically run different programs in succession to speed up processing. Operating systems did not exist in their more complex forms until the early s. Hardware features were added, that enabled use of runtime libraries and parallel processing; when personal computers became popular in the s, operating systems were made for them similar in concept to those used on larger computers.

In the s, the earliest electronic digital systems had no operating systems. Electronic systems of this time were programmed on rows of mechanical switches or by jumper wires on plug boards. These were special-purpose systems that, for example, generated ballistics tables for the military or controlled the pri. It is the primary operating system for Apple's Mac family of computers. Within the market of desktop and home computers, by web usage, it is the second most used desktop OS, after Microsoft Windows.

After this, Apple began naming its releases after big cats, which lasted until OS X Since OS X Between and , Apple sold. After this, new versions were introduced concurrently with the desktop version of Mac OS X. Beginning with Mac OS X The "X" in Mac OS X and OS X is pronounced as such; the X was a prominent part of the operating system's brand identity and marketing in its early years, but receded in prominence since the release of Snow Leopard in A modified version of Mac OS X After Apple announced that they were switching to Intel CPUs from onwards, versions were released for bit and bit Intel-based Macs.

Versions from Mac OS X Its graphical user interface was built on top of an object-oriented GUI toolkit using the Objective-C programming language. Throughout the early s, Apple had tried to create a "next-generation" OS to succeed its classic Mac OS through the Taligent and Gershwin projects, but all of them were abandoned. Mac OS X was presented as the tenth major version of Apple's operating system for Macintosh computers.

It is therefore pronounced "ten" in this context. Consumer releases of Mac OS X included more backward compatibility. Reviews were variable, with extensive praise for its sophisticated, glossy Aqua interface but criticizing it for sluggish performance. Apple developed several new releases of Mac OS X. Siracusa's review of version Visual Basic Visual Basic is a third-generation event-driven programming language from Microsoft for its Component Object Model programming model first released in and declared legacy during Microsoft intended Visual Basic to be easy to learn and use.

A programmer can create an application using the components provided by the Visual Basic program itself. Over time the community of programmers developed third-party components. Programs written in Visual Basic can use the Windows API , which requires external function declarations; the final release was version 6 in On April 8, , Microsoft stopped supporting Visual Basic 6.

In , some software developers still preferred Visual Basic 6. In some developers lobbied for a new version of the VB6 programming environment. In , Visual Basic 6. A dialect of Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications , is used as a macro or scripting language within several Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Office. Programmers can create both complex GUI applications. Programming in VB is a combination of visually arranging components or controls on a form, specifying attributes and actions for those components, writing additional lines of code for more functionality.

Since VB defines default attributes and actions for the components, a programmer can develop a simple program without writing much code. Programs built with earlier versions suffered performance problems, but faster computers and native code compilation has made this less of an issue. Though VB programs can be compiled into native code executables from version 5 on, they still require the presence of around 1 MB of runtime libraries.

Core runtime libraries are included by default in Windows and but extended runtime components still have to be installed.

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Earlier versions of Windows, require. Forms are created using drag-and-drop techniques. A tool is used to place controls on the form.

Controls have attributes and event handlers associated with them. Default values may be changed by the programmer. Many attribute values can be modified during run time based on user actions or changes in the environment, providing a dynamic application. For example, code can be inserted into the form resize event handler to reposition a control so that it remains centered on the form, expands to fill up the form, etc.

By inserting code into the event handler for a keypress in a text box, the program can automatically translate the case of the text being entered, or prevent certain characters from being inserted. Visual Basic can create executables, ActiveX controls, or DLL files, but is used to develop Windows applications and to interface database systems. Dialog boxes with less functionality can be used to provide pop-up capabilities.

Controls provide the basic functionality of the application, while programmers can insert additional logic within the appropriate event handlers. For example, a drop-down combination box automatically displays a list; when the user selects an element, an event handler is called that executes code that the programmer created to perform the action for that list item.

Alternatively, a Visual Basic component can have no user interface, instead provide ActiveX objects to other programs via Component Object Model ; this allows for an add-in module. The runtime recovers unused memory using reference counting, which depends on variables passing out of scope or being set to Nothing, avoiding the problem of memory leaks that are possible in other languages. There is a large library of utility objects, the language provides basic support for object-oriented programming.

Unlike many other programming languages, Visual Basic is not case-sensitive—though it transforms keywords into a standard case configuration and forces the case of variable names to conform to the case of the entry in the symbol table. String comparisons are case sensitive by default; the Visual Basic compiler is shared with other Visual Studio languages.

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By default the restrictions in the IDE do not allow creation of some targets and threading models, but over the years, developers have bypassed these restrictions. End Sub. Code Statements have no terminating character other than a line ending. Versions since at least VB 3.

Code comments are done with a single apostrophe character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Free and open-source software portal. Phoenix Labs. Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 18 September Wired News. Slyck News. P2P Blog. Firewall software. Application firewall Context-based access control Personal firewall Stateful firewall Virtual firewall. Comodo Internet Security ZoneAlarm.

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