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If you do fulfill the requirements outlined on the page, you should be able to install the MeisterTask add-in in your Outlook version. If you've already connected your MeisterTask and Microsoft Outlook accounts via the web interface, there's no need to do this again on your mobile device. But before you can start turning emails into tasks, please enable the add-in. Microsoft Outlook Add-in. MeisterTask for Microsoft Outlook MeisterTask for Outlook turns your emails into tasks and automatically inserts them in the project and section of your choice.

Open the Settings Menu and select Manage Integrations. Academy Blog. Connected Email. NET 4. In the dialog box, click Add to Chrome.

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If this is the first time you've added the extension, you'll be prompted to log in. Log into your HubSpot Sales account when prompted. With the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension, you'll have access to your templates, documents, and sequences from your Gmail inbox. Check your Outlook version to ensure it is Click-to-run.

These add-ins will conflict. Premium

If you use Outlook for Mac, an Outlook on the web account, or an Outlook. Additionally, HubSpot Sales is not supported in terminal server environments. These add-ins will conflict and cause issues for your sales tools. Send Anywhere blows that away and lets you send up to 10GB of attachments with your emails. The free version of Outlook only lets you save one version of your email signature.

But if you manage multiple email accounts in one inbox or need to use different email signatures for the different types of people you interact with, Custom Signatures makes it easy to use the right signature in every email you send. Build your signatures, add HTML formatting and links, and save them. Then, just click a button to add the right signature to every email.

Related: Want more ideas on how to use Outlook more effectively? Check out these 7 Outlook tips and tricks for better email management. The Woodpecker Legal Document Automation add-in lets you create standard, reusable document templates with customizable blank fields. It's billed as a tool for legal documents, but there are many other use cases.

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If you write cover letters or cold emails frequently and only customize part of the text, you could create a template with customizable fields for the pieces of information you want to personalize. You could also use it to create proposal templates to send to new clients, or for a template letter for your business communications.

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Using Woodpecker is simple. After creating your template document, add the customizable fields you need, select the type of required response single line, date, rich text, etc. When you want to use the template, simply open it and customize the fields you included, then save the new copy and send it off.

Woodpecker Legal Document Automation Pricing: Free with email address to add single-line text, date, number, and rich text fields.

Word's built-in tools to create complex math equations are not always intuitive to use and can be time-consuming. MyScript allows you to write the equations by hand using a touchscreen, mouse, or drawing pad.

After drawing your equation, MyScript translates it into a typed equation in your Word document. It's the simplest way to add equations to documents. You can sort by category, but after that you have to scroll and scroll, hoping not to overlook the symbol you need. The Symbols and Characters add-in lets you search for the character you need, helping you find unusual symbols in a snap. Data in Excel gets messy easily. The XLTools.

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Using the add-in is simple. Duplicate Remover does exactly what the title says: It automatically detects duplicate data found in your spreadsheet. Select the range of data to review, choose whether you want to find duplicates or repeats, and specify what the app should do with the data delete, highlight, or move it. Each to-do list only applies to the spreadsheet it was created in—perfect to list things you need to finish in this one spreadsheet.

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People Graph makes it easy to create infographic-like data visualizations in Excel. Select the data you want to display it supports up to two columns of data , then customize your graphic using several different styles and a dozen different shapes, including hearts, stars, clocks, diamonds, computers, clothes, and bags of money.

Use it to tap a date on a calendar to add it to a cell. It helps you avoid having to type dates over and over again and ensures consistent formatting.

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No one wants to see a slideshow so text-heavy that it might be mistaken for a manifesto. And while the paid PowerPoint application includes a tool that lets you add images, icons, and other designs to your presentation, PowerPoint Online only provides a Bing image search tool. Search for images by name and metadata, or browse by collections or category.

Pickit Pricing: Free with ads. The Web Viewer add-in lets you embed full, functional websites into your PowerPoint presentations, so you can share online content without having to leave the slideshow. It's a great way to demo a live version of a new site design for your team or to share an image directly from its link.