Triple boot mac os x windows 7 linux

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I've followed the instructions but have ran into some problems and was hoping someone might be able to point out if I'm doing something wrong. I'm running OSX I realize I'm on an Ubuntu forum, but I haven't been able to find any fix with my searches. Here's my process: Install rEFInd manually. Confirmed working on reboot.

grub2 - Triple boot OSX, Win7, Linux - broke my Win 7 install - Ask Ubuntu

The option is greyed out. Confirmed working. Partition ext4 and linux-swap as per the guide above. Reboot into OSX! Follow gdisk instructions from this guide.

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No boot flags set. This is what it looks like after typing "w". Adv Reply. This was "breaking" the windows boot option.

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The Complicated Method: One Drive to Boot Them All

Exceptionally well written and clear, not to mention useful! I appreciate all the help. July 4th, Join Date Jul Beans 1. Originally Posted by scognito. My hybrid MBR is: Still don't know why it worked initially, very confused.

Triple booting Mac OS , Windows 7, and Linux, is this possible and how?

July 8th, July 10th, Select the last recovery option listed. You should only have one partition at this point. Divide it into a few parts. This will eventually become your Bootcamp partition, so size it appropriately. I set it to GB. A shared data partition, if desired. I set this to about GB. A Linux partition. Also, Disk Utility does weird things to partition sizes when you create new partitions; save yourself a headache, create all the partitions, then set the sizes starting with the top-most partition and working your way down.

Resize the existing OSX partition to whatever size you want your Win7 partition to be. This is really, really difficult to change later — give yourself plenty of space! Now, the fun part:.

How to triple boot mac os x/windows10/android on your laptop/pc (easiest method)

Click Restore. You may have to right-click on the partitions and unmount them context menu option.

The Easy Method: Use Multiple Hard Drives

Wait awhile. This took me about 20 minutes to move apps, data and the OS. At this point, you should have two functioning OSX installations.

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Disk Utility was kind enough to clone the recovery partition, as well, freeing up valuable slots at the beginning of the drive. Reboot, holding down the Option key aka, ALT. Proceed normally through the install process, picking the previously-created Boot Camp partition as the target. This appears to only happen when installing from a USB3 stick.

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  8. Bad things happen otherwise. It presents a much prettier UI than Grub, and is nearly self-configuring. As always, feel free to email me if you run into any issues.